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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 338 Collections and/or Records:

Robert W. Dunn Papers

Identifier: LP000096
Abstract Research notes and other material gathered for Dunn's Labor and Automobiles (New York: 1929). The collection also includes a few clippings pertaining to subsequent events in the labor movement in the auto industry, such as the Battle of the Overpass, sit-down strikes of 1937, and earlier 1930's auto strikes.
Dates: 1920 - 1938

Ronald Cohen Papers

 Collection — Small Processed Collections: Br - Col, Box 2, Folder: 15
Identifier: LP000717
Abstract Subjects include: Gary, Indiana Teachers Union
Dates: 1948 - 1960; Majority of material found within 1957 - 1959

Ronald W. Haughton Papers

Identifier: LP000049
Abstract Clippings, briefs, transcripts, correspondence, notes, and other materials gathered by Mr. Haughton, who served with the U.S. Social Security Board (1941-42); the Detroit and National War Labor boards (1942-45); the U.S. Conciliation Service (1946-47); the Institute of Industrial Relations at the University of California at Berkeley (1947-50); as impartial arbitrator for the UAW and Ford Motor Company (1950-55); and, with Wayne State University, first as director of the Institute of Labor and...
Dates: 1946 - 1969

Roy Speth Papers

Identifier: LP00043F
Abstract Contains: Report of the Committee on Credentials and Rules of Order for the UAW Convention of April 27, 1936; the 1936 speech of Homer Martin to executive officers of Region 9; and a copy of the American Federationist of July 1934. An oral history interview with Mr. Speth is available.
Dates: 1934 - 1936

S. L. Hoffman Papers

 Collection — Small Processed Collections: H, Box 7, Folder: 14
Identifier: LP000422
Abstract The papers of Mr. Hoffman consist primarily of correspondence relating to his appointments to various government committees during the forties and fifties. Also included is a brief report on the Soviet Union based on his visit there in July, 1970.
Dates: 1942 - 1970

Sam Blackburn Papers

Identifier: LP000037
Abstract Correspondence, clippings, transcripts, and resolutions concerned with the relationships between the UAW, the Society of Designing Engineers, and the Federation of Artists, Engineers, Chemists, and Technicians.
Dates: 1937 - 1945

Sam Fishman Papers

Identifier: LP001693
Abstract Sam Fishman was born January 24, 1924 and spent the majority of his adult life involved with the labor movement in Michigan. He was originally an assembler and machinist for the Ford Motor Company and eventually became an official in UAW Local 400. He later was elected Vice-President of UAW Local 99 and then President of UAW Local 36 at the Ford Assembly Plant. Fishman would go on to serve as head of the UAW Community Action Program (CAP) for 12 years until his election as president of the...
Dates: 1966 - 1986; Majority of material found within 1980 - 1984

Sam Pollock Papers

Identifier: LP000111
Abstract Leaflets, newsletters, press releases, campaign material, radio and television scripts, speeches, and newspapers collected by Mr. Pollock, who served as president of Meat Cutters Local 427, Cleveland, Ohio, and was an active member of the United Organized Labor of Ohio, a committee established to oppose the "Right-to-Work" amendment to the Ohio Constitution. This collection pertains to the 1958 right-to-work campaign.
Dates: 1927 - 1958; Majority of material found in 1958 - 1958

Samuel Rabinovitz Papers

Identifier: LP001055
Abstract Samuel Rabinovitz served as director of the Michigan Youth Commission, on the Board of Directors of the National Child Labor Committee, and on a number of committees addressing issues of delinquency and crime prevention, migrant labor, and student attrition. Mr. Rabinovitz’s papers primarily reflect his work on the National Child Labor Committee, and include materials related to the J.P. Stevens Boycott and National Committee on the Education of Migrant Children.
Dates: 1966 - 1979

Sanford Cohl Papers

Identifier: LP001047
Abstract The Papers of Sanford Cohl document a critical theoretical discordance in the doctrine of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) over the issue of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, which led to the formation of the Workers Party (WP).
Dates: 1939 - 1962; Majority of material found within 1939 - 1940

Sanitary Chemists and Technicians Association Records

Identifier: LR002462
Abstract The Sanitary Chemists and Technicians Association (SCATA), also known as UAW Local 2334, represents chemists and biologists in the Detroit area. The SCATA records are comprised of correspondence, newsletters, dues paperwork, member grievance, a large vinyl protest sign, and subject files by topic and union member, along with various other materials.
Dates: 1980 - 2009

SEIU Communications Department Records

Identifier: LR001885
Abstract The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was founded in 1921 as a union of flat janitors. Over the years it has grown in size and scope, and now comprises three divisions: healthcare, property services, and public services. The records of SEIU’s Communications Department document the International’s mass mailings from 1974 through 1987. Included in the collection are (predominately) monthly summaries listing all the mass mailings sent by the International (with the exceptions of June...
Dates: 1976 - 1987; Majority of material found within 1978 - 1987

SEIU District 925 Records

Identifier: LR001805
Abstract Part 1 subjects include: 9to5; Working Women; working women's movement; clerical worker organizing; sex discrimination in employment; office worker health and safety; pay equity; SEIU Local 925; Classified Staff Association; Karen Nussbaum. See Part I for the history of District 925, as well as the bulk of the organization’s records during its origin and transitions (9to5 / Working Women / District 925 / Local 925), its national and regional office files, contracts, and Karen...
Dates: Deaccession: 1973 - 2004

SEIU Local 1 Records

Identifier: LR001735
Abstract As its name implies, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 of Chicago, Illinois is SEIU’s first local. Local 1 signed its initial agreement with the Chicago Real Estate Board in 1916, seven years before William Quesse officially founded SEIU in 1921 as a union of flat janitors. For much of its history, Local 1 focused its efforts on organizing and representing building employees, particularly janitors.The SEIU Local 1 Records document the history of Local 1 as well as...
Dates: 1935 - 2001; Majority of material found within 1950 - 1989

Selma Borchardt Papers

Identifier: LP000357
Abstract Correspondence, minutes, reports, speeches, press releases, and notes collected by Miss Borchardt, who served as legislative representative and vice-president for the AFT (1924-62), chairman of the AFT International Relations Committee (1927-62), secretary of the AFL Education Committee (1929-55), and director of the World Federation of Education Associations (1927-46). Miss Borchardt also served as a member of many governmental committees and conferences including the National Advisory Board...
Dates: 1911 - 1967; Majority of material found within 1922 - 1962

Smith College Records

Identifier: LR001323
Overview The collection contains pamphlets, booklets, periodicals, and monographs related to a wide variety of liberal causes from the 1920s to the late 1960s. The majority of items concern issues in the United States or that directly deal with American involvement. Most of the records date back to the 1960s and involve topics related to the American anti-war movement or socialism.
Dates: 1920 - 1969

Sophia Radlow Papers

 Collection — Small Processed Collections: O-R, Box 12, Folder: 7
Identifier: LP000764
Abstract Contains Walter Reuther’s physical therapist’s correspondence.
Dates: 1948 - 1951

Stanley and Margaret Collingwood Nowak Papers

Identifier: LP000003
Overview Part 1: Stanley Nowak was born in Przemysl, Poland, in 1903. He emigrated to the United States with his sister in 1913 and joined his father in Chicago. After leaving school at the age of fourteen, Nowak worked on a Polish newspaper in Chicago and involved himself in activities in the Polish community. With the coming of the Depression, he lost his job in Chicago. He moved to various places, including Detroit and South Bend, Indiana, before eventually settling in Detroit in 1933. He eventually...
Dates: 1928-1995

Stanley Cook Papers

 Collection — Small Processed Collections: Com-Cr, Box 3, Folder: 4
Identifier: LP000785
Abstract Stanley Cook was an employee of Bendix Corporation in California from the 1940s until his retirement in 1975. Represented by UAW Local 179, he held officer and national positions in the local during his tenure at Bendix. The collection contains materials from Cook's tenjure as UAW Local 179 Secretary-Treasurer as well as some biographical material.
Dates: 1975

State Workers Organizing Committee Records

Identifier: LR001948
Abstract The State Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) was a semi-caucus and political movement that worked within several unions, including the Welfare Employees Union (WUE), the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the Michigan State Employees Association (MSEA), and the United Auto Workers (UAW) in the late 1970s and early 1980s. SWOC was born from within the WEU and served as an activist organization that played a key role in establishing local union chapters,...
Dates: 1973 - 1985

Stephen Adamcyk Papers

 Collection — Small Processed Collections: A - Bo, Box 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: LP000562
Abstract A pioneer unionist in the Ford Foundry, Local 400, Stephen Adamcyk was presented with a plaque in June 1972 honoring him for his service of 35 years to the union. The collection consists of union dues receipts, flyers, and a piece of correspondence relating to union organizing in the Ford Motor Company in 1941.
Dates: 1937 - 1972

Student Activists Records

Identifier: UR000740
Abstract The Student League for Industrial Democracy, later renamed Students for a Democratic Society, was a liberal college student organizations which gained much fame in the 1960s. With roots dating back to the earliest student organizations, it did not expand its influence until the era of the civil rights movement, at which time it changed names. Their records cover this transitional period, reflecting the beginning of SDS's theoretical development and activism. More specifically, the records...
Dates: 1946 - 1966; Majority of material found within 1957 - 1961

Ted Andras Papers

Identifier: LP001503
Abstract Ted Andras was a staff member of radio station WDET-FM, the pioneer radio station of the United Auto Workers established in the early 1940's. The collection is largely composed of records related to the construction of WDET-FM.
Dates: 1947 - 1956

Thomas E. Posey Papers

Identifier: LP001155
Abstract Thomas Posey earned his PhD in economics and labor relations from the University of Wisconsin, and worked as an economist and labor advisor for the Wage Stabilization Board, the Mutual Security Agency (MSA) and the Agency for International Development (AID). Mr. Posey’s papers document his work for the MSA and AID, particularly in Burma and the Philippines, and reflect his interests in labor economics and developing countries, as well as the history of African American churches and Canadian...
Dates: 1926 - 1977; Majority of material found within 1963 - 1975

Thomas Emil Groehn Papers

 Collection — Small Processed Collections: G, Box 6, Folder: 7-8
Identifier: LP000695
Abstract Clippings regarding labor relations in Detroit
Dates: 1943 - 1972