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Daniel M. Gallagher Papers

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The papers of Dan Gallagher reflect his work with the UAW, particularly that of the War Labor Board.


  1. Union Material
  2. National War Labor Board
  3. New America, 1938-1941


  • 1934 - 1947


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Dan Gallaher was born in Ensley, Alabama in 1908. At sixteen, he came to Detroit and held a variety of jobs. In 1934 he went to work at Timken and later, after being ousted from the Company union, organized his department for the UAW.

Mr. Gallagher served as a member of the UAW Local 174 Executive Board, and as a delegate to the 1937 Convention. In 1938 he became Walter Reuther's personal organizer, and later was elected organizer for the West Side Local, where he organized thiry-two shops. In 1942, he became an International Representative for Champion Spark Plug, Bonn Aluminum, Bower Roller Bearing, Gemmer Gear, C.M. Hall, and eight to ten other shops on Detroit's East Side.

In June of 1943 Mr. Gallagher was assigned to the National War Labor Board, Region XI for the CIO. There he was a member of the New Case Committee and the Automotive Division. His jurisdiction included the Violations Committee enforcing the Wage Stabilization Act. He also dealt with copper cases from Northern Michigan and the logging industry in Michigan and Minnesota.

In 1945 he left the War Labor Board and helped organize the Workmen's Compensation Department of the UAW. He remained in this capacity until his retirement in 1948. Since 1955 he has been a mediator on the UAW Mediation Board.


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The papers of Mr. Gallagher, former UAW International representative and member of the National War Labor Board, include correspondence and papers dealing with NWLB disputes and cases; Homer Martin; workman's compensation; copper and logging cases in northern Michigan and Minnesota; wage stabilization; Detroit West Side Local 174 and labor organizing in the 1930s. Among the correspondents are George Addes, Melvin Bishop, Michael Manning, Louis Miriani, and R. J. Thomas. An oral history interview with Mr. Gallagher is available.


Arranged in 3 series - Series 1 (Boxes 1-3), Series 2 (Boxes 4-8), and Series 3 (Box 9).

BOX 1- UAW Included in Box 1 is the UAW Constitution, undated, and proposed Constitutional Amendments and other resolutions arranged by source, including the Non-Partisan League of Wayne County, Local 174 and other Locals (7, 75, 571) and numberous undated and unlabelled proposed amendments. Included also in Box I are the UAW Convention Committee Reports: the Educational Committee (Cleveland, 1939?), the Partial Report of the Grievance Committee (1943), the third Partial Report of the Constitutional Committee (1943). There is convention literature from Cleveland, 1934 and 1939, and from Philadelphia in 1943. Other files contain material on unemployment and defense unemployment and workmen's compensation including a model contract, undated, with Mr. Gallagher's name typed on and "Compulsory Arbitration" (1947) also with Mr. Gallagher's name, Compensation cases are included, The U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, interpretative statement for November, 1938, and June, 1946, and material on wage rates are next, Included is "Procedure for Processing Maintenance Wage Cases" (undated), wage rates for 1937-1942, material from the Research Department of the UAW-GIO on wage rates for 1941-1943 and foundry rates for 1942. The last files in Box I are the radio speeches chronologically arranged within each alpha~etical file of George Addes, Richard Frankensteen, Adolph Germer, R. J. Thomas, A. Haywood, L. Lamotte, W. Mortimer, P. Murray, W. Reuther and W. Wells delivered in February and March, 1939.

BOX 2 - UAW Box 2 contains correspondence to and from Mr. Gallagher for the period June, 1938-June, 1947, and some undated correspondence, Material on Mr. Gallagher's dismissal from the National War Labor Board, Region XI, appears in the correspondence for May ?-June 18, 1945. UAW-GIO material includes some handwritten accounts of "We Have a Union and Seniority" both undated and unsigned, proposed health and safety clauses, again undated, material on the Homer Martin case in the UAW-GIO folder, the "Weekly Report" of the War Policy Division of the UAW-CIO for January and May, 1945. Correspondence from the UAW-GIO consists of chronological mimeographed correspondence from George Addes, Melvin Bishop, and R. J. Thomas for January and May, 1942; May, June, July, August and December, 1943; January, February and April, 1944 and undated correspondence. The material on UAW Organizing activities includes, "Plan for Organizing Competitive Plants" (1938) by Walter Reuther, dated (1939, 1940, 1941, 1941) and undated reports by Mr. Gallagher on organizational efforts and other reports of progress in organization, Labor's Non-Partisan League material includes its Constitution, pamphlets and sheets def:ending the right to strike, The League's Organizing Letter covers the period April 3 and 20, 1939; June, 1939; and October, 1939. The "Daily Summary and Analysis of Current Trends Affecting Management and Labor" from the Bureau of National Affairs covers May-August, 1943.

BOX 3 - LOCAL 174 Box 3 contains material on Local 174: there is a resolution of the American Brakelok Division against fascism and communism (undated) and the Report of the Welfare and Unemployment Committee for Local 174 for May, 1937-June, 1938, by Harold Hartley. Local 174 Executive Board Minutes for April, 19.37-May, 19.39, are chronologically arranged. Local 174 Joint Council Minutes, for October, 19.37-May, 1941, and the Financial Report for Local 174 for September, 19.37 to June, 19.38, are included in Box III, The Minutes of Local 174 Shop Committee, September, 1939-January, 1940, are in chronological order. Two miscellaneous folders are included in Box III. The first contains election cards, picket assignemtns and material relevant to Mr. Gallagher including a statement on money earned in 1943 on the National War Labor Board, a poem, a letter of thanks from Timken Workers in 1937, his draft status, and the Clark Park Alumni meeting minutes, There is wartime union material, poems critical of Walter Reuther and the "American League Against War and Fascism: A Study in Communist Tactics" (1937) by Hillman Bishop. The second miscellaneous folder contains chronologically arranged material: "Labor Relations Advisory Letter" (1938) by W. L, Hung, an opinion by Albert Meder on the significance of the Supreme Court's concept of the Wagner Act to the Michigan Manufacturer's Association and "Report of Political Action and Legislative Committee" at the CIO State Convention in June, 1939(?).

BOX 4 - NATIONAL WAR LABOR BOARD Box 4 contains material on the National War Labor Board: the Executive Order, January 12, 1942, establishing it, the organization and procedures of the national and regional boards and appeal and review procedures. There is a short biographical,_statement of the members of the NWLB, Region XI, as of December, 1944. The "Memorandum" of the NWLB for June and October, 194.3, January and February, 1944, are chronologically arranged. The file on the NWLB Wage Stabilization Division contains general orders and interpretations as of October, 194.3, various publications on wage rates and stabilization, for example, "Stabilized Wage Rates and Job Standards" (undated, NWLB, Region XI), "Wage and Salary Stabilization Under the Jurisdict. ion of NWLB" (1943). In addition there are case analyses of the Division, Region XI, for May, 1943-June, 1943, and April, 1945, chronologically arranged. The Minutes of the New Case Committee, November, 1944-May, 1945, are chronologically arranged, The NWLB press releases for April, 1943, July, 1943, January, 1944-February, 1944, September, 1944-June 1945, are chronological, Reports for Region XI of the NWLB, 1943-1944, include the Tool and Die Commission Report for 1943(?) and February, 1944, and chronological reports of Region XI on the progress of its work, June, 1943, October, 1943-November, 1943, January, 1944-March, 1944, July, 1944-0ctcber, 1944. The CIO NWLB "Newsletter" for If'gion XI, January of 1945 and the NWLB "Newsletter'' for February and September of 1944 are included and each arranged chronologically.

BOX 5 - NATIONAL WAR lABOR BOARD Included are the NWLB Minutes for Region XI for June, 1943, October, 1943-November, 1943, January, 1944-March, 1944, August, 1944-0ctober, 1944, February, 1945-June, 1945, chronologically arranged as are the NWLB General Orders for October, 1942-November 1942, and June 1943.

The NWLB Automotive Division file is divided as follows: functions and procedures, minutes of the automotive section, December, 1944-June, 1945, report on dispute cases, April and May, 1945. The NWLB Dispute Division file consists of the "Weekly Statistical Report" for June, 1943. NWLB Legal Division is broken down into functions, enforcement program, procedures, summary of violation cases received, October-December 1943 and open violation cases pending in the regional attorney's office as of April 1944. The NWLB Manual of Decisions is undated, The NWLB "Just Between Us" for Region XI is chronologically arranged for December, 1943, February 1944, May 1944, August 1944, October 1944, May 1945 and undated. The NWLB CIO "Weekly Letter" covers August, October and December, 1943, and April-May, 1945. There is some miscellaneous NWLB material for 1943-191+4 including, for example, agendas and the case committee report for February, 1944, all arranged chronologically with undated material at the end of each folder.

BOXES 6, 7, 8 - NATIONAL WAR LABOR BOARD: CASES AND DISPUTES Boxes 6, 7, 8 consist of contracts, disputes and cases which were presented before the NWLB or before the Board in Region XI. The size and completeness of each file varies greatly, Some files consist merely of an agreement between the company and the union, others are more complete and some include letters, petitions, election decisions, affidavits, NLRB or NWLB rulings, The companies are alphabetically arranged while the material within each file is chronological and undated material is placed at the end of each file.

Series 3, New America 1938-1941 Papers from the organization known as New America in which Mr. Gallagher was involved. In operation between 1938 and 1941, its goals were the destruction of the profit system and the inauguration of a new social order. Its methods were largely educational. The topics covered in these publications and course materials include anti-fascism, employment, the economy, and the right to strike.


The papers of Dan Gallagher were deposited with the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs in 1961 by Dan Gallagher.

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