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UAW Washington Office Legislative Department: Donald Montgomery Records

Identifier: LR000036
Important Subjects: Agricultural Adjustment Act - Consumer Amendment, 1936 Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company Strike, 1949 Anti - Trust Legislation, 1944-55 Basing Paint Legislation, 1947-1953 Bell Aircraft Corporation Strike, 1949 Brannan Farm Program, 1948-1950 Chrysler Corporation Strike, 1950 Congressional and Presidential Election Campaigns, 1948-1953 Consumer Education, 1935-1943 Consumer Foundation - Establishment, 1937 Consumer Movement - Factionalism, 1936-1942 Copper Shortage, 1951-1952 Defense Appropriations, 1948-1954 Defense Manpower, Mobilization, Procurement, and Production Policies for the Korean War, 1950-1953 Defense Produstion Act, 1951 Detroit MilYshCrisis, 1943 Dies Committee Investigation of the Consumer Movement, 1939 Electric Power Legislation, 1952-1955 European Economic Cooperation, 1947 European Recovery Program, 1948-1950 Farm Equipment Workers Merger with the UAW, 1945-1949 Fat and Salvage Program, 1943-1945 Flanders, Ralph - Motion to Censure Joseph McCarthy, 1954 Ford Motor Company Strike, 1949 Full Employment Legislation, 1945-1954 General Motors Corporation Strike, 1945-1946 German Steel Plants - Dismantlement, 1948-1951 Good Housekeeping Magazine Investigation, 1939 Housing Legislation, 1943-1956 In-Plant Feeding of Defense Workers, 1944-1945 Kohler Company Strike, 1955 Margarine Processing Tax, 1943-1949 Natural Gas Shortage, 1948-1953 Office of Price Administration - Regional and District Labor Liaison Committees, 1943-1946 Olds, Leland - Federal Power Commission Appointment, 1949 Polio Vaccine Distribution - Appropriations, 1955 Price Control Enforcement, 1943-1945 Price Control Legislation, 1943-1953 Price Control Policies, 1943-1946 Price Control Regulations on Consumer Goods, 1943-1946 Price Decontrol, 1945-1946 Rationing Regulations on Consumer Goods, 1943-1944 Rent Control Legislation, 1947-1952 Small Business Legislation, 1949-1956 Small Defense Plants Act, 1949-1952 Standards and Labels Legislation, 1943-1945 Standards and Labels Regulations on Consumer Goods, 1943-1946 Steel Shortage, 1945-1947 Steel Strikes, 1949 and 1952 Subsidy Legislation, 1943-1945 Subsidy Regulations on Consumer Goods, 1943-1944 Taft-Hartley Act, 1947-1955 Tax Legislation, 1946-1951

Important Correspondents: George Addes; Alben W. Barkley; Chester Bowles; Homer Capehart; James Carey; Nathan E. Cowan; Paul Douglas; Leo Goodman; William Green; Hubert Humphrey; Samuel Jacobs; Everett M. Kassalow; Mildred Jeffrey; Robert S. Lynd; Emil Mazey; Philip Murray; Robert Oliver; Wright Patman; Roy Reuther; Walter Reuther; Victor Reuther; John R. Steelman; R.J. Thomas; Harry S. Truman; Arthur Vandenberg; Raymond Walsh; Nathan Weinberg

Series Description: Series 1. U.S. Department of Agriculture - Consumer Counsel, 1935-1942: Records relating to the work of Donald Montgomery when he was employed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. His interest in consumer affairs is particularly well-documented. Several files discuss the government investigation of Good Housekeeping Magazine in 1939, and the retaliatory action against the consumer movement by a committee of the House of Representatives under the chairmanship of Martin Dies.

Series 2. Office of Price Administration - Labor Policy Committee, 1943- 1946: These records reflect the works of Donald Montgomery when he was employed as the UAW Consumer Counsel. Price control during World War II is particularly well-documented. Other important records include the minutes of Labor Policy Committee meetings.

Series 3. Non-UAW Organizations and Individuals, 1943-1957: Office files of Mr. Montgomery reflecting his works with various community organizations.

Series 4. U.S. Government Executive Agencies and Commissions, and Congress, 1943-1957: Office files of Mr. Montgomery primarily reflecting his work with the executive branch of the Federal Government. The defense mobilization, manpower, procurement, and production policies for the Korean War are particularly well-documented. In this series, there are many files which discuss the unsuccessful attempt to get Leland Olds re-appointed to the Federal Power Commission. ,Another topic which is well documented is the in-plant feeding of defense workers during World War II.

Series 5. Legislation, 1943-1957: Correspondence, testimony, legal records and other material relating to the legislative lbbbying activities of the Washington Office. In this series, there are numerous records relating to many important subjects. The natural gas shortage, 1948-1953 and the steel shortage, 1945-1947 are particularly well-documented.

Series 6. UAW Staff Members, 1943-1957: Correspondence and other records relating to UAW staff personnel. Most of this material pertains to routine office matters.

Series 7. Conferences and Institutes, 1943-1946: Correspondence and other records relating to the participation of Mr. Montgomery in conferences and institutes sponsored by the United Automobile Workers Union or the Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Series 8. UAW Plant Cases, 1943-1955: Correspondence and other material pertaining to strikes, collective bargaining elections, government contracts, grievances of local unions, employment curtailment and contract negotiations within companies and plants in which the UAW was represented. The General Motors strike, 1945-1946 is particularly well-documented.

Series 9. Office File: Correspondence and other material on unrelated miscellaneous subjects. Some of these files document the Farm Equipment Workers merger with the UAW , 1945-1949.


  • 1935 - 1957


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Subjects include: OPA; defense; labor legislation; U.S. Department of Agriculture


The Washington Office of the United Automobile Workers opened on February 10, 1943. Under the direction of Vice Presidents Richard T. Frankensteen and Walter P. Reuther, it was divided into two major sections. Franken- steen directed the divisions relating to the National War Labor Board, the National Labor Relations Board, the Department of Labor, and Federal Legislation. Reuther directed the divisions relating to the War Production Board, the War Manpower Commission, the Office of Economic Stabilization and the Office of Price Administration.

Shortly after the 1947 Convention of the International Union, at an executive board meeting on November 28, the Washington Office was reorgan- ized. The entire operation was placed under the supervision of the President of the International Union, and the various divisions were abolished or transfered to other departments. After 1947, the primary concern of the Washington Office was to direct the legislative lobbying activities of the United Automobile Workers Union. Donald Montgomery was put in charge of this operation, and he was assisted by Paul Sifton, Samuel Jacobs, and Matthew Amberg.

Donald E. Montgomery was born on October 16, 1896. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennys1vania in 1918. Afterwards, he took two years of graduate study at the University of Wisconsin. He was Director of the Registration Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission when he resigned to become Consumer Counsel at the Department of Agriculture in September, 1935. In December, 1942 he left this position, and the following February, he became the Consumer Counsel for the United Automobile Workers, Union. Most of his work as Consumer Counsel involved serving as the UAW representative on the Policy Committee of Price Administration. When the Washington Office Policy Committee was reorganized 1947, Walter Reuther appointed him as its Director. He held this position until his death in October, 1957.


Arranged in 9 series – Series 1 (Boxes 1-5), Series 2 (Boxes 5-17), Series 3 (Boxes 18-28), Series 4 (Boxes 28-35), Series 5 (Boxes 36-60), Series 6 (Boxes 60-68), Series 7 (Boxes 68-69), Series 8 (Boxes 69-81), and SEries 9 (Boxes 81-84). Folders are arranged alphabetically.


The papers of United Automobile Workers Washington Office, Donald Montgomery were placed in the Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs in 1966, 1968, and 1971 by the UAW.

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Numerous monograms, pamphlets, and published reports concerning consumer and legislative problems have been placed in the Archives library.

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