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Series II: Correspondence, 1915-1987


Scope and Content

From the Collection: Part 1: Important Subjects: Steel strikes, 1930s Coal miners, 1930s Pittsburgh politics, 1930s American League for Peace and Democray, and American Peace Mobilization, Chicago, 1940s Hull House, Chicago Progressive Party, 1948 World Oil Industry

Important correspondencts: Keigh Sward, Ernest Mazey, Harry Golden, Edward Mortimer Livingston, Maurice Guggenheim, J.P. Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont, Dorothy Marshall, Lester Pearson, James Roosevelt, O.A. Knight, Sam Rayburn, Anne and Carl Braden, Clark Foreman, and Frank Wilkinson

Series Description: Series 1: "The Astors" Clippings, research notes, drafts, manuscript and correspondence.

Series 2: "The Guggenheims" Notes and drafts, annual reports, clippings, correspondence and reviews.

Series 3: "Meat Packers" 4x6 inch research note cards for an unwritten book on the meat packin gindustry.

Series 4: "Steel-Dictator" Research note cards.

Series 5: "Mellon's Millions" Clippings, notes, and reports.

Series 6: "Pursuit of Freedom" Drafts arranged in chapter order followed by appendix, correspondence and clippings.

Series 7: "Steel and Labor in the 1930s" Notes, clippings, Federated Press releases and reports.

Series 8: "Pittsburgh in the 1930s" Clippings, notes, Federated Press releases, pamphlets, reports, correspondence and campaign material concerned iwht labor and political activity.

Series 9: The 1930s Articles, Federated Press releases, clippings, correspondence and mailing lists related to Mr. O'Connor's activitie outside Pittsburgh adn Chicago in the 1930s.

Series 10: Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s Articles, correspondence, notes, clippings, and publications related to City Club of Chicago, Hull House, Group Health Coop., personal and plitical activities.

Series 11: "Horace B. Davis, Labor and Steel" Research notes, clippings and interviews prepared by Horace B. Davis

Series 12: Civil Liberties Subseries A: Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, July 1953-September 1966 Correspondence, pamphlets, reports, statements, reprints, articles, and membership lists. Subseries B: Newark Case, September 1958-December 1963 Dorrespondence and hearings before HUAC related to Mr. O'Connors 1958 indictment. Subseries C: National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee, June 1960-November 1966 Correspondence, reports clippings, news releases, and statements concerning the activities of NCAHUAC. Subseries D: McCarthy Case: Correspondence, notes, statements, clippings, news releases, articles, pamphlets concerning Mr. O'Connor and the McCarthy investigations. Subseries E: Civil Liberties Gorups: Correspondence, clippings, reprints, minutes, reports and news releases of various civil liberties groups. Among the groups included are: American Civil Liberties Union, American Com. for Progection of Foreign Born, Chicago Civil Liberties, Com., Citizens Com. for Constitutional Lbierty, Citizens Com. to Preserve American Freedoms, Com. of First Amendment Defendants, Liberal Citizens of Massachusetts, Religiou Freedom Com. and Souther conference Educational Fund. Also included is gernal anti-HUAC, anti-Vietnam War and Student peace activities. Subseries F: Publications: Pamphlets, H.R. Bills, Congressional Records, government hearings, and periodicals concerned with civil liberties.

Series 13: Progressive Party in Fall River, Mass., 1948: Correspondence, lists, platform, publications, clippings and campaign material fro the O'Connor's activity in the 1948 election. Also included is Progressive Party material from the two years following 1948.

Series 14: Foreign Oil Files: Notes, clippings and articles concerning the oil industry in various countries.

Series 15: United States Oil Files Notes, clippings, articles and publications regarding the oil industry in the United States.

Series 16: 1954 adn pre-1954 Oil Files Clippings and articles concerning the oil industry in the United States in the early 1950s. Most of thise material in this file was transferred to the United States oil Files by Mr. O'Connor.

Series 17: Iran and Venezuela 1951-1954 Notes, clippings, and articles concerning the oil industry in Iran and Venezuela int eh early 1950s.

Series 18: Oil Books Subseries A: "The Empire of OIl and World Crists in Oil" Correspondence, notes, reveiws and manuscripts from the preparation of the two books. Also included is a french translation of "The Empire of Oil." Subseries B: History of Oil Workers International Union Notes, clippings, articles and correspondence regarding the OWIU.

Series 19: 1950s-1960s Miscellaneous Correspondence, articles, reviews, speeches, foreign travel notes and clippings, financial statements and pamphlets concerning various activities.

Series 20: Photographs
From the Collection: Part 2: The documents in this collection include correspondence, clippings, reports, scrapbooks, and manuscript drafts related to Harvey O'Connor's writings, his HUAC trial, and his civil libertarian activities.

Important subjects in the collection: American League for Peace and Democracy and American Peace Mobilization, Chicago, 1940s; Petroleum Industry; Oil Workers International Union; Coal Miners, 1930s; Pittsburgh politics, 1930s; House Un-American Activities Committee; Progressive Party, 1948; Hull House; Steel Industry; McCarthyism; Steel Strikes, 1930s; National Unemployment League

Important correspondents in the collection: Blankenhorn, Heber; Mazey, Ernest; Braden, Ann and Carl; Morgan, J.P.; Chafee, John; Pauling, Linus; Cousins, Norman; Pearson, Lester; Foreman, Clark; Pell, Claiborne; Golden, Harry; Rayburn, Sam; Guggenheim, Maurice; Roosevelt, James; Knight, O.A.; Rostow, Eugene V.; Lamont, Thomas; Spock, Benjamin; Livingston, Edward Mortimer; Sward, Keith; Marshall, Dorothy; Wilkinson, Frank

Series Description: Series I, Subject files, 1919-1987 Series II, Correspondence, 1915-1987 Series III, Scrapbooks, 1908-1973


  • 1919 - 1983

Language of Materials

From the Collection: Material entirely in English.


Collection is open for research.


From the Collection: 76 Linear Feet (99 MB, 18 SB, 6 OS)


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