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Wayne State University


Found in 273 Collections and/or Records:

Wayne State University Campus Beautification Committee Records

Identifier: WSR000416
Abstract The collection reflects the activities of the Committee, and of the chairperson and the resulting changes in Wayne State University’s main and medical school campuses. The development of malls, art, and landscaping to harmonize the university’s old and new structures are documented.

Wayne State University Centennial Commission Minutes

Identifier: WSR002517
Abstract The Wayne State University Centennial Commission was founded in 1964 to coordinate the events of the academic year 1967-1968, during which Wayne State University celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its founding. The co-chairs of the Centennial Commission were Vice President for University Relations George E. Gullen, Jr., and Professor of History Raymond C. Miller.

Wayne State University Centennial Symposia Records

Identifier: WSR000186
Abstract During the academic year 1967-1968 Wayne State University celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its founding. As part of the commemoration, the University sponsored a series of symposia of national significance under the theme, "The University and Urban Society."Broadly, the Symposia theme dealt with the urban university and its impact on, and responsibilities to, its urban community. More specifically, the focus of the Symposia was an examination of the problems and issues...

Wayne State University Center for Application of Sciences and Technology Records

Identifier: WSR000173
Abstract The Center for Application of Sciences and Technology (CAST) was organized in August, 1963 under the direction of Bruce W. Pinc. The Center was next governed by the Division of Urban Extension (DUE) which linked the teaching and research resources of the University and the community. CAST was given advice by the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and the University Advisory Council (UAC). The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) provided primary contract support, and the Michigan...

Wayne State University Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Records

Identifier: WSR000486
Abstract The Wayne State Center for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) was formed in 1965 as the Center for Teaching About War and Peace, until 1987 when it was changed to its current moniker. The files mainly reflect the center's activities from 1960 to 2003.

Wayne State University Chatsworth Tower Apartments Tenants Association Records

Identifier: WSR002678
Abstract The Chatsworth Tower Apartments were built in 1929. The nine-story building is nestled within Wayne State University’s campus at 630 Merrick Street. Once owned by Otto Wismer of Bondholders Management, Inc., the university attempted to purchase the building in 1951. Although the parties did not originally agree on the terms of sale, the university eventually purchased the building in 1961 for $900,000, while Bondholders Management, Inc. simultaneously made a $100,000 donation to Wayne...

Wayne State University College of Education Audio-Visual Consultation Bureau Records

Identifier: WSR000206
Abstract The records of the College of Education’s Audio-Visual Consultation Bureau, directed by Arthur Stenius. The collection documents the Bureau’s production of educational movies and slide strips and accompanying printed material on a variety of subjects. It also reflects the use of visual material in classrooms as well as developments in teaching methodology in the 1950’s.

Wayne State University College of Education Building Committee Records

Identifier: WSR000100
Abstract The College of Education Building Committee Records detail the planning and events involved in the construction of the College of Education Building at Wayne State University. The four-story building, designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, was completed in 1961 and provided 96,000 square feet of space, which allowed the college to centralize its offices and classrooms.

Wayne State University College of Education, Dean’s Office: Detroit Public Schools Monitoring Commission on Desegregation Records

Identifier: WSR001371
Abstract The Detroit Public Schools Monitoring Commission on Desegregation was created by the City of Detroit to comply with the ruling of Milliken v. Bradley, which dealt with desegregation busing. This United States Supreme Court ruling settled the issue of de jure vs. de facto segregation and effectively confirmed that segregation was allowed if it was not an explicit policy of the school district. As a result, the commission's charge was to oversee the busing plan across multiple school districts in...

Wayne State University College of Education Department of General Secondary Education Office of the Chairman Records

Identifier: WSR000212
Abstract The College of Education has functioned continuously since 1881 as a teacher-education institution. It existed as an independent school until 1929, when it became a part of what is now called Wayne State University. It received authority in 1921 from the legislature of the State of Michigan to grant the bachelor’s degree and, in 1929, to grant higher degrees in conjunction with the Graduate Division of the University. The Chairman of General Secondary Education in the College of Education at...

Wayne State University College of Education G. Harold Silvius Records

Identifier: WSR000333
Abstract G. Harold Silvius joined the faculty of the Wayne University College of Education in 1936, and was a professor of industrial education by 1941. From 1946 to 1971, Silvius served as chairman of the Industrial Education program, creating a nationally recognized program of industrial teacher education. Silvius was a member of Mu Sigma Pi, a graduate professional industrial education fraternity. He retired in 1975. Materials in this collection consist of reports, yearbooks, programs,...

Wayne State University College of Education Library Science Department Records

Identifier: WSR000322
Abstract The Wayne State University College of Education housed the Library Science Department until 1984, after which it was moved to the administration of the Dean of University Libraries. The name was then changed to the Library and Information Science Program in 1993, and in 2009 the Board of Governors created the School of Library and Information Science.

Wayne State University College of Education Office of Admissions Records

Identifier: WSR000325
Abstract This collection consists of records generated by the Office of Admissions between 1958-1964, largely under the supervision of the College of Education’s Assistant Dean, Joseph E. Hill (1962-1964). During this period Hill served as chairman or member of numerous admissions committees, including the admissions advisory committee and various ad hoc committees on curriculum, instruction, admissions, student teaching, and college administrative problems.

Wayne State University College of Education Student Education Council Records

Identifier: WSR000313
Abstract This organization’s goal is to facilitate communication between the students and the faculty-administration within the College of Education. The Council coordinates activities and budgets for the multiple education clubs, and sends representatives to the Student-Faculty Council. Collection includes one account book.

Wayne State University College of Education Teachers’ Corps Records

Identifier: WSR000308
Abstract The Teachers’ Corps was a national organization created in the 1960’s. Its goal was to remedy the teacher shortage in poorer school districts. The program was funded by the National Defense Education Act Institute.The Wayne State University program, sponsored by the College of Education, attempted to generate interest in the Detroit area inner city schools with the hope of recruitment. The interns selected for the WSU Teachers Corps were not required to have four-year degrees in education, only...

Wayne State University College of Education William Reitz Records

Identifier: WSR000297
Abstract William Reitz was a professor in the College of Education from 1937 until his retirement in 1973. He specialized in evaluation and statistics and was an active advisor in the College. Reitz was involved in the creation of a doctoral program and was known for having the most successful Ph.D. candidates in the College of Education; he also served as an examiner for the National Teacher Examination implemented by the College of Education in 1946. Materials in the this collection consist of meeting...

Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts Department of Romance and Germanic Languages Records

Identifier: WSR000200
Abstract The separate language courses in French, German, Italian, and Spanish were consolidated in 1963 into the Department of Romance and Germanic Languages and Literature with Professor V. Frederic Koenig as chair of the department.

Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts: Gordon Grosscup Student-Faculty Board Records

Identifier: WSR000241
Abstract The College of Liberal Arts Student-Faculty Board served as the student government of the College of Liberal Arts at Wayne State University. Consisting of 3 faculty members and 11 students, it first assumed authority on September 14, 1966, succeeding the College of Liberal Arts Student Activities Budget Committee, which was the former de facto student governing board for the College of Liberal Arts. The chief concerns of the Student-Faculty Board were the interests of the students within the...

Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts Health and Physical Education Department: George B. Sherman Records

Identifier: WSR002683
Abstract George B. "Shorty" Sherman, served as WSU's athletic business manager from 1938-1972. During this time, Sherman also served in the capacity of sports information director from 1939-1946. In his 34 years of service to the University, Sherman performed hundreds of duties ranging from writing publicity releases and supervising the cheerleaders to lining the field and blowing up the football. Born in Boston in 1905, Sherman came to Detroit at the age of two. He graduated from Northern High School...

Wayne State University College of Liberal Arts Journalism Department Records

Identifier: WSR000298
Abstract This collection contains the Department of Journalism general files, and the correspondence of W. Sprague Holden, from 1947-1974. The Journalism unit became independent of the Department of English in the fall of 1949, with Dr. Holden as its Department chair.

Wayne State University College of Nursing Publications

Identifier: WSR002169
Abstract This collection contains publications of the Wayne State University College of Nursing. Included are newsletters produced for the alumni of the Wayne State University College of Nursing, newsletters of the College of Nursing Council, annual reports of the College of Nursing, and College of Nursing admissions pamphlets.

Wayne State University College of Pharmacy Office of the Dean: Dr. Stephen Wilson Records

Identifier: WSR000141
Abstract Dr. Stephen Wilson was appointed Dean of the Wayne University School of Pharmacy in September 1953; he held the position until his death in 1963. Wilson was the Vice President of the American Pharmaceutical Association from 1958-1959, and had been Vice Dean of the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Pittsburgh before coming to Wayne State. These records include material pertaining to the committees on which Dr. Wilson served, faculty and student activities, and Dr. Wilson's academic and...

Wayne State University Collegian Newspapers

Identifier: WSR001897
Abstract This series consists of bound volumes of The Detroit Collegian, The Wayne Collegian, The Daily Collegian, and the Summer Collegian, the student newspapers of Wayne State University.

Wayne State University Commencement Programs

Identifier: WSR002148
Abstract This collection contains programs of the commencement ceremonies of Wayne State University and its predecessor institutions. Included are programs for the commencements of the Detroit College of Medicine (1892, 1895, 1902, 1905), the Detroit Teachers College (1921-1928), the College of the City of Detroit (1925-1933), the Municipal Colleges of Detroit (1929), the Detroit City Law School (1934-1936), Wayne University (1934-1956), the Wayne University College of Medicine (1943-1946), the Wayne...

Wayne State University Computation Laboratory Records

Identifier: WSR000328
Abstract One of the first large scale computer laboratories in the United States, the Wayne Computation Laboratory was organized in 1949 via the Industrial Mathematics Society (IMS) as a joint effort between the University and local industry. The Computation Laboratory performed three basic functions: to provide service to industry and business, to conduct academic research, and to provide training in computer operations. Initially, the laboratory had a 1930 Bush Differential Analyzer donated by the...